Aspects to improve.

We moved to 28# thismorning.
Goodbye to the small office, wewill use a large area.
I felt so tired these days, toomany tasks. And every task cost too much time, i even have noenough time to sleep.
We did a teamwork, everything wedo should have the same object, to improve our team’s effiency. Iam not a good team worker up to now, because i only focused on myown task, to improve my own effiency. That’s notenough.
We need to enlarge our knowledgein IT area, not only testing, not only automation.
And another thing is, my oralEnglish is so poor, i didn’t notice that before, faint. That’s aterrible thing, i will practise it immediately.
If i have time, i will write downthe exprience i learned in project:)




Love itself is a mad thing!


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