A place nearby

歌手:Lene Marlin 专辑:Playing my game

I enter the room
sat by you bed all through the night
I watched your daily fight
I hardly knew
The pain
was almost more than I could bear
and still I hear
your last words to me
“Heaven is a place nearby
so I won’t be so far away
and if you try and look for me
maybe you’ll find me someday
Heaven is a place nearby
so there’s no need to say goodbye
I wanna ask you not to cry
I’ll always be by your side”
you just faded away
you spread your wings you had flown
away to something unknow
wish I could bring you back
you’re always on my mind
about to tear myself apart
you have your special place in my heart
and even when I go to sleep
I still can hear your voice
and those words
I never will forget



Love itself is a mad thing!

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